Dear Drivers,
We are very excited to introduce the 2011 Engine Pro Flexible Cash Contingency Program. This is an innovative program designed to reward the racer with cash prizes for using parts from Engine Pro and their motorsports partners in your racecar engine. Many of the products and decals are the same as what the big boys use in NASCAR, such as JE, Comp, and Clevite. We have designed our program to not only reward the winner, but also the “Lucky Dog.” This will be one position that is selected by random before the race, from 2nd all the way to last place.

Important: (There must be a minimum of 5 drivers registered for the program, per division, in
order to run the “Lucky Dog.”)

Program Details:
Each week we will select a product category for the contingency cash award. For example: If we select piston rings and you have purchased either, (this is the Flexible part) Hastings Racing, Speed Pro, or Total Seal, then you are qualified to win the cash if:
1) the parts were purchased through an Engine Pro customer
2) your registration form is filled out properly
3) the Engine Pro decal and the decal of that product are on your car
4) the part is in your engine.
* See the downloadble PDF file (above) for exact details.

This may vary depending on the track and level of participation. Payout totals will be determined by the cost of the product and by the amount of participation. Payment will be made to you at the track once you have been approved. The payout schedule may alternate week to week depending on the amount of participation.

This can be HUGE! If the contingency award is not won during one week then the amount and the product will roll-over to the next race for that division and will keep growing until it is won or the season ends. To win the roll-over money, you must first win and qualify for what is posted that night, AND, you must qualify for the previous weeks products also.

Example: If you won $50 because you qualified with piston rings and there was $200 that was available in bearings, gaskets, and timing from previous weeks, you would also need to be
qualified on those products in order to win the cash. If you were only qualified for the bearings and not the gaskets or timing, then you would pick up the roll-over money that was offered for the bearings only.

We strongly encourage all drivers to participate in this program and to support the local machine shops and parts stores with your purchases. Let’s keep racing affordable, help support those who support racing.

After all, where else can you get paid for buying the parts you needed anyway?

Good Luck in 2011,
Scott Overlund
Engine Pro / The Perfit Corp.
Copyright Rothbury Enterprises | Winston Speedway
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