What Is The Demo Derby?

July 7th, 2013 admin

Imagine being able to legally crash your car into another vehicle. Well, a demolition derby essentially allows you to do just that. A demolition derby is an automotive event that requires the participants to ram their vehicle into the other competitors. The last car that remains operational after the grueling event is crowned the champ. Demolition derby events can be found throughout the country in various areas. They are typically held at carnivals and county fairs on dirt fields. The enthusiastic onlookers scream with excitement every time the cars pound into each other. You do not have to be a professional driver to enter a demolition derby, but you will likely have to sign a liability waiver to participate. A demolition derby is not exactly the safest motor-sport in the world. Anytime that another vehicle crashes into your ride, Finding homeowners insurance, you are put at risk of succumbing to an injury. To enhance the safety, all of the windows are taken out of each vehicle. Although most areas of the car are prone to being hit, it is against the rules to crash into the driver’s-side door. The door is usually painted a different color to warn the other competitors to avoid contact.

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